Chieko Naka

Undergraduate Discipline


BA, Ochanomizu University, Japan. MA, University of Windsor, Canada. Special interest in intercultural communications. Taught Japanese as a second language at secondary schools and universities in Canada, The Philippines, Republic of Korea, and the United States. Trained Filipino teachers in the Japan Foundation program in Manila. Wrote featured articles in the daily Japanese newspaper, Kitanihon Shinbun.  SLC, 2010–

Current undergraduate courses

Japanese II


This advanced-beginning course is for students who have completed Japanese I or its equivalent. Students will continue to develop basic skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing while expanding their vocabulary and knowledge of grammar. At the end of the course, students should be able to handle simple communicative tasks and situations effectively, understand simple daily conversations, write short essays, read simple essays, and discuss their content. Classes will meet three times weekly, and tutorials with a language assistant will meet once a week.

Related Cross-Discipline Paths

Previous courses

Japanese III


This course is designed for students who have completed Japanese II or its equivalent. Students will continue to develop Japanese proficiency in aural and reading comprehension, in addition to speaking and writing skills. Activities include listening to and discussing television programs and films; writing and performing dialogues and speeches; reading essays, newspaper articles, and short stories; and writing a diary, letters, and short essays. Students will also meet weekly with a language assistant for tutorials, a mandatory component of the course.