Angela Moger

BA, Bryn Mawr College. MA, University of Pennsylvania. PhD, Yale University. Special interests include theory of narrative, French literature of the 19th century, decadence in painting and literature, and semiotic and rhetorical approaches to the short story. Recipient of Yale University’s Mary Cady Tew Prize and the Dwight and Noyes Clark fellowship. Scholarly publications include essays in PMLA, Yale French Studies, Substance, and Romanic Review; the anthologies Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism and Maupassant Conteur et Romancier; and the books Hurdles and Moving Forward, Holding Fast: The Dynamics of Movement in Nineteenth-Century French Culture. Visiting professor at the Institut d’Études Francaises d’Avignon. Dean of studies, Sarah Lawrence College, 1972-1975. SLC, 1971–

Undergraduate disciplines: Literature, French

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