Lavanya Misra

BS, Bombay University. MS, Sarah Lawrence College. A co-director of the Public Health Genetics course in the genetic counseling program at Sarah Lawrence College, as well as the facilitator of the Educational Outreach student project and a member of the Admissions Committee. She is the founder of Global Initiatives in Education and was previously a clinical genetic counselor at Columbia University Medical Center and St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Medical Center. SLC, 2009-

Graduate Courses

Human Genetics 2020-2021

Public Health Genomics

Graduate Seminar—Spring

The Public Health Genomics course introduces students to the epidemiologic approach to genetic disease, counseling, and testing. The course examines the applications of genetic information and genetic counseling in both public health and international contexts. Students learn to identify various types of study design, including their strengths and weaknesses. By working through case studies and course exercises, students learn key genetic epidemiologic and public health concepts and consider application of those to the development and implementation of new initiatives.


Previous Courses

Professional Issues in Genetic Counseling I

Graduate Seminar—Fall

The Professional Issues in Genetic Counseling I course is an introduction to professional issues relevant to the genetic counseling profession. Students discuss formative documents related to promoting the genetic counseling profession, standards for training and practice, and standards for professional behavior; learn to provide professional and public educational activities; and gain an appreciation for the role of clinical supervision.