Angelia Means

PhD in Political Theory from Harvard’s Government Department and a JD from Harvard Law School. She has taught political theory and public law for fifteen years at Harvard, Dartmouth and the LSE. She has also worked for the US Department of Justice and the International War Crimes Tribunal on the Former Yugoslavia. Her research deals with the bridges between civil and human rights and democratic political theory, especially with the way in which the articulation of minority and women’s rights reiterates, expands, and gives concrete meaning to the idea of universal rights, and with the development of democratic norms and procedures that can accommodate different types of argument while still being committed to consensus. Recent articles, including “Intercultural Political Identity: Are We There Yet?,” “The Rights of Others,” “'Genocide' in the Sudan,” “Narrative Argumentation: Arguing with Natives,” and “Kant’s Art of Politics,” have appeared in leading journals. SLC, 2008-

Undergraduate disciplines: Politics, Undergraduate Catalogue