Diane Madden

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Graduate Program

MFA Dance Program

Hampshire College. Associate Artistic Director, Trisha Brown Dance Company; she has danced, directed, taught, studied, and reconstructed Brown’s work for nearly 35 years. Described in The New York Times as “one of those dancers who can make magic out of almost any task,” she has originated roles in works including Son of Gone Fishin’ (1981); Brown’s masterwork Set and Reset (1983), for which she was recently honored, along with the full original cast, by Movement Research in 2012; Lateral Pass (1985); Carmen (1986); Newark (Niweweorce) (1987); Astral Convertible (1989), for which she was awarded a New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award; Foray Forêt (1990); Astral Converted (1991); the “running solo” in For M.G.: The Movie (1991); Another Story as in falling (1993); Yet Another Story as in falling (1994); M.O. (1995), set to Bach’s Musical Offering; Twelve Ton Rose (1996); Accumulation, with Talking Plus Repertory (1997); Monteverdi’s Orfeo (1998); and the Interlude solos Rage and Ladder in El Trilogy (2000). She has served as Brown’s personal assistant and was the rehearsal director from 1984-2000. She continued to teach and direct special projects for the Company before serving again as rehearsal director from 2010 until 2013, when she was named associate artistic director. Through the talents of dancers both within the company and from internationally known schools and companies, she enjoys keeping Brown’s rich range of choreography alive on stages and alternative sites worldwide. Madden has developed an approach to teaching that weaves anatomically grounded technique with improvisation, composition, and performance skills. In addition to her own performance work in collaborative improvisational forms, she is greatly influenced by her study and practice of Aikido with Fuminori Onuma. Madden is honored to be the recipient of two Princess Grace Awards, the first in 1986 and the second for sustained achievement in 1994. SLC, 2017–


Previous Courses

Performance Project


Our body is a black hole that equally absorbs everything, even seemingly unrelated things. A thousand different events are simultaneously happening and being processed in the body. Subtle nuances and expressions of external spaces affect the way we stand, skin sensations and perceptions evoke kaleidoscopic internal landscapes, and abstracted information delivered through feelers on our feet suddenly trigger unexpected emotions. Performance Project examines our body’s new beginning and encounter with everything in the black hole-like space where both the conscious and unconscious mind and internal and external experiences are being stirred. The class will include a short warmup, somatic and movement practices informed by butoh and various other movement forms, followed at the end of the semester by rehearsals that lead to a fully produced performance of the work.