Jenna Lawrence

Undergraduate Discipline


BA, Boston University. PhD, Columbia University. Behavioral ecologist and conservation biologist. Research has focused on the reproductive strategies of brown titi monkeys (Callicebus brunneus) in Peruvian Amazonia. Also teaches for Columbia University and Barnard College. SLC, 2018-

Undergraduate Courses 2018-2019


Biodiversity and Conservation Ecology

Open , Seminar—Fall

In this course, we will explore life on land and in the sea, both far-flung and local. Our focus will be on how organisms interact with the world around them—and the endlessly creative ways humans alter those interactions. We will begin with a whirlwind tour of the tree of life before delving into the diversity of relationships that individuals have with members of their own species, members of different species, and the physical environment. We will tackle current issues—such as habitat destruction, overfishing, and the curse of the small population—blending lecture and discussion, exploring primary scientific literature, and visiting the Center for the Urban River at Beczak. Students will also learn to use real-world data to ask and answer real-world questions, such as: How apocalyptic has the Hudson River zebra-mussel invasion been? What does postwar ecosystem recovery look like in Mozambique? How can we best design marine protected areas in the Bahamas to benefit both coral-reef dwellers and the humans that depend on them?