Alwin A. D. Jones

Note: on leave yearlong

BA, Tufts University. MA, PhD, University of Virginia. Special interests include African American literature and studies, 18th century to the present; Caribbean literature and studies, literatures in English and/or translations; early American/transatlantic literatures; postcolonial literatures in English, particularly of the African diaspora; race, cultural, and postcolonial theory; black popular culture; performance poetry; and the intersection of black music and resistance internationally. SLC, 2008–

Undergraduate discipline: Literature

Courses taught in Literature

Courses from previous years

  • African American Literature: Constructing Racial Selves and Others
  • “New” World Literatures: Fictions of the Yard
  • “New” World Studies: Maroons, Rebels, and Pirates of the Caribbean
  • First-Year Studies: Contemporary Africa Literatures: Against the Single Story of Things Fall Apart
  • Writing Warrior (Wo)men: Mothering, Movements and Migration in Black Literature

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