Eleanor Hullihan

Undergraduate Discipline


Performer, choreographer, and teacher, she has performed and created work with John Jasperse, Beth Gill, Jennifer Monson, Andrew Ondrejcak, Mike Mills, Jessica Dessner, Sufjan Stevens, Lily Gold, Rashaun Mitchel, Silas Reiner, Charles Atlas, Zeena Parkins, and Tere O’Connor, among others. She teaches Pilates and body conditioning at her private studio and American Ballet Theatre’s JKO training program. She is currently creating new work with Jimmy Jolliff and Asli Bulbul.  SLC, 2017–

Undergraduate Courses 2018-2019


Dance Practice Conference


Students taking Dance Thirds will meet with the instructor for this component course at least once per semester to address individual dance training issues and questions and to identify short- and long-term goals. Guided by discussion, we will develop practical strategies to address issues and questions in the context of achieving goals by means of specific supplemental exercises that address strength, flexibility, kinesthetic awareness, coordination, and effective approaches to learning. This course is designed to support and enhance students’ work in dance classes, rehearsals, and performances.


Conditioning for Dancers


Open to all students taking a Dance Third.

This course provides students with a weekly opportunity to explore and practice supplemental training strategies to support the development of specialized skills required in dancing. Building on work done once or twice per semester in the Dance Practice Conferences, training issues such as strength, endurance, flexibility, kinesthetic awareness, and coordination will be addressed from a neuromuscular training approach based on the teachings and selected choreographies of Irene Dowd. In addition, students will be introduced to the Alexander Technique, which aims to refine and optimize function by eliminating excessive tension. This is accomplished through specific exercises and practices designed to increase awareness, implement conscious direction, and achieve gentle repatterning of postural and movement habits.