K. J. Holmes

Undergraduate Discipline


An independent dance artist, singer, poet, actor, and teacher, she has helped to define—first as a student and now as a teacher and performer—many contemporary improvisational dance practices, from studying Ideokinesis with Andre Bernard to colla­borating with forerunners Simone Forti, Karen Nelson, Lisa Nelson, and Image Lab and Steve Paxton. K.J. is a graduate of the two-year Sanford Meisner acting training (Esper Studio with master teacher Terry Knickerbocker 2008–09), Satya Yoga (Sondra Loring 2007), and The School for Body-Mind Centering (1995–99), of which the play between is essential to her current practices. A sought-after teacher of improvisation and somatic approaches to dance, theatre, and voice, she travels nationally and internationally teaching and per­forming at universities, festivals, and venues that range from theatres to site-specific locations to living rooms; is adjunct faculty at NYU/Experimen­tal Theatre Wing since 2001, Julliard; teaches through Movement Research since 1986 (A.I.R 2012–14); and has a private practice in Dynamic Align­ment and Re-inte­gration. She has performed in the work of  Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People, Emily Johnson/Catalyst, Mark Dendy, Lance Gries, Melinda Ring, Matthew Barney, and Cristiane Bouger and is continuing to develop her solo work. SLC, 2017–

Undergraduate Courses 2017-2018


Somatics, Improvisations, and the Athletics of Intimacy


We will be exploring movement and dance through the research of improvisation and the influences of the experiential anatomy of the somatic research of Body-Mind Centering®, Contact Improvisation, and structures and scores for improvising and composing dances. We will make the invisible visible, learning more about the interior of the body and our ideas, and explore pathways to space, time, and place as we also learn basic anatomy and physiology to better understand the mechanics of movement.