Mary Hebron

Interim Director, The Art of Teaching Program

BA, MA, New York University. Former teacher and coordinator of primary education, Mamaroneck, New York, public schools; curriculum and assessment consultant in New York City and Westchester; coordinator of teacher and study groups, including The Art of Teaching Professional Development Series. Board member of The Prospect Archive and Center for Education and Research, North Bennington, Vermont. SLC, 1985—

Graduate program: Art of Teaching Program

Courses taught in Art of Teaching Program

Courses from previous years

  • Advisement and Practicum Seminars
  • Language and Literacy I and II
  • Observation and Documentation - Graduate
  • Teaching and Learning for the Classroom Professional - Graduate
  • Advisement and Practicum
  • Emergent Curriculum: The Child as Meaning Maker
  • Language and Literacy
  • Observation and Documentation

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Mary Hebron

Mary Hebron