Jacqueline Hart

PhD (sociology), University of Pennsylvania. Postdoctoral Fellowship (health-services research), University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Sociologist, ethnographer, and activist who has worked in health and social justice in the United States and internationally for more than 20 years. She has applied her skills and political commitments to teaching, research, training, program development and evaluation, organizational learning and strategic development, direct service, and political activism. Director of the Ford Foundation-funded Steps to Transforming Evaluation Practice for Social Change Initiative (STEPS) at Margaret Sanger Center International, Planned Parenthood of New York City (PPNYC), where she developed a planning, monitoring, and evaluation resource for organizations around the world (www.stepstoolkit.org). Prior to that position, she was the director of planning, research, and evaluation at PPNYC. She has collaborated with organizations on issues of social-justice program planning and evaluation; e.g., the Ford Foundation Office for Southern Africa, Solidarity Center, World Bank, and World Health Organization. Her work also focuses on women’s and girl’s empowerment and well-being, inequality, and health programs and policy. She is developing new ways to value and productively utilize information about how social-justice change happens and has a strong commitment to hearing people’s voices and respecting lived experiences. She is exploring how to incorporate visual methodologies and art into purposive research and planning around ameliorating entrenched social inequalities and social problems. Hart is currently collaborating on a project with the Center for Social Innovation at Adelphi University on food security and hunger in resource poor communities on Long Island, using participatory and visual techniques.  Her work has been funded by Ford Foundation, University of Pennsylvania, The National Institutes of Mental Health, Soloman Asch Center for Ethno-Political Conflict, and Department of Veterans Affairs. SLC, 2011–

Graduate program: Health Advocacy Program
Discipline/Program Affiliation(s): Health Advocacy Program - Graduate

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