Pepper Fajans

Founding Director of Brooklyn Studios for Dance (BkSD) and the Brooklyn Touring Outfit. He was the personal assistant to Merce Cunningham and continued to tour with the Cunningham Company as the production carpenter and assistant to David Vaughan through the final world tour. As director of BkSD, he partnered with Cadman Congregational Church in 2015 to renovate their 1920s era gymnasium—through a volunteer effort—into a burgeoning dance studio offering classes, performances, and residencies and community events. Resident artists have included Tatyana Tenenbaum, Colin Gee, Patti Bradshaw, Daria Fain, Jennifer Monson, Dances for Solidarity, Current Harbor, Kensaku Shinohara, Yoshiko Chuma, and Kathy Westwater. SLC, 2017–