Aurora Donzelli

BA, MA, University of Pavia, Italy. PhD, University of Milan-Bicocca. Special interests in linguistic anthropology, political oratory and ritual speech, vernacular practical philosophies, ethnopoetics, missionization, and the emergence of colonial discourse genres; ethnographic fieldwork in Southeast Asia (upland Sulawesi and East Timor); author of several articles on language and ethnicity, local theories of action, power and emotions, verbal art, and language ideologies. FCT postdoctoral research fellow at Institute of Theoretical and Computational Linguistics, Lisbon, and Endangered Languages Academic Programme (SOAS), London. SLC, 2009–

Undergraduate discipline: Anthropology

Courses taught in Anthropology

Courses from previous years

  • Global Flows and Frictions in Southeast Asia and Beyond
  • The Power of Words: Language, Hegemony, and Social Inequality
  • Cultures of the Colonial Encounter
  • The Power of Words: Language, Hegemony, and Social Inequality
  • Field Methods in the Study of Language and Culture
  • Language, Culture, and Performance
  • Language and Race: Constructing the Self and Imagining the Other in the United States and Beyond
  • Political Language and Performance

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