Bill L. Bower

BA, Human Biology, Stanford University. MPH, Columbia University School of Public Health.

Best known internationally as co-author of Helping Health Workers Learn and for contributions to the movement for community mobilization for health and health rights, and domestically for promoting improved public health program management and training practices. Played a major role in the pioneering work of The Hesperian Foundation in advancing primary health care, in both program and faculty work at Columbia University’s Center for Population and Family Health, and in New York City’s fight against tuberculosis. Recent concentration on infectious diseases among marginalized populations, establishing strong community based peer worker programs with persons living with HIV/AIDS, as well as assisting CDC to roll out cohort review, cultural competency, and other training initiatives to strengthen TB programs. Focus on developing effective approaches with and for key affected populations, through participation, empowerment and a rights-based core. Also teaches courses on Public Health Program Planning, Training for Public Health Programs, and Integration of Science and Practice at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.

Graduate program: Health Advocacy Program

Courses taught in Health Advocacy Program

Courses from previous years

  • Program Design and Evaluation - Graduate
  • Program Design and Evaluation - Graduate

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