Erin Ash

Associate Program Director—Professional Development, Human Genetics

BS, University of Connecticut. MS, Sarah Lawrence College. Cancer Genetics Program Coordinator, Bennett Cancer Center at Stamford Hospital. In 2017, she received the Joan H. Marks Graduate Program in Human Genetics Exceptional Commitment to Teaching Award. SLC, 2005-

Graduate Courses

Human Genetics 2018-2019

Interviewing and Counseling-Based Methods in Genetic Counseling

Graduate Seminar—Fall and Spring

This course is offered in both fall and spring semesters.

In the Interviewing and Counseling-Based Methods in Genetic Counseling course, students explore and practice counseling skills in the context of genetic counseling. Counseling skills are applied to genetic counseling scenarios, as well as to professional interactions. Students learn to utilize different counseling models as they relate to genetic counseling practice, identify counseling strategies that can be applied to specific patient scenarios, and apply motivational interviewing in a genetic counseling session to facilitate patient management.


Cancer Genetics

Graduate Seminar—Spring

The Cancer Genetics course provides students with an understanding of cancer genetic counseling through case-based study of clinical services. Students are introduced to the anatomy and physiology of affected organs, screening modalities, and treatment options; become familiar with the pathology and cancer genetic counseling; interpret pedigrees and utilize cancer risk models; understand testing criterion, options, and interpretation of results; and explore the psychosocial aspects of hereditary cancer syndromes.