COVID-19 Testing Dashboard

Sarah Lawrence College is located in Westchester County, which is in the Mid-Hudson region of New York State and adjacent to the New York City region. The below graphic offers key metrics regarding the state of the pandemic across New York. For more information and for more local details and data, please visit the NY Forward COVID-19 Regional Metrics Dashboard.

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Source: New York Forward website

COVID-19 Testing

Following start-of-semester screening tests for all residential and commuter students, the SLC Health & Wellness Center will begin the College's virus surveillance testing program, which includes testing 50% of the resident student body every week using rapid tests, regular testing of commuter students, and testing students for cause (when experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, for example). Regular testing will also be available for faculty/staff who frequent campus. In addition, all members of the SLC community (students, faculty, and staff) who will come to campus, or who live on campus, are required to complete a daily symptom tracker before coming to campus or leaving their on-campus housing in the morning.

Weekly Test Results

Test results include tests administered by Sarah Lawrence College as well as any reported results the campus-going community (students, faculty, and staff) may receive on their own from non-SLC testing sources. Information will be updated on Mondays and will reflect the seven day period prior.

Weekly Test Results
Week Total number of test results Negative test results

Student positive test results (includes on and off campus students)

Faculty/Staff positive test results

1/25 through 1/31*

483 482 1 0

2/1 through 2/7

219 213 5 1

2/8 through 2/14

445 427 18 0

2/15 through 2/21

379 376 3 0

2/22 through 2/28

380 378 1 1

3/1 through 3/7

382 382 0 0

3/8 through 3/14

283 283 0 0

3/15 through 3/21

184 182 1 1

3/22 through 3/28

248 247 1 0

3/29 through 4/4

314 314 0 0

4/5 through 4/11

262 262 0 0

4/12 through 4/18

174 174 0 0

*In addition to this entry, 3 students tested positive on their own, in the days prior to the start of the semester, before travelling to campus, and will complete isolation off-campus.

Athletics Department Weekly Testing

As part of NCAA requirements, and partially funded by the NCAA Division III Strategic Initiatives Grant, Sarah Lawrence athletes and coaching staff participate in regular pooled PCR testing (this is the saliva test created by Yale and used by the NBA during the NBA bubble playoffs). All student athletes are tested once per week, though the men’s and women’s basketball teams and the men's volleyball team are tested twice per week given the high-contact nature of their sports. All student athletes also participate in our regular, mandatory student surveillance testing.

Any positive tests identified through the Athletics department's pooled testing is followed up immediately by a regular PCR test to confirm positivity. The result of that confirmation PCR test will be displayed in the Weekly Test Results table above, and any resulting isolation or quarantine will be displayed in the Isolation and Quarantine Daily Counts charts below.

Students in On-Campus Isolation and Quarantine Daily Counts

On-campus isolation housing is set aside from the College's general housing and used for resident students who have tested positive for the virus or who display symptoms and are awaiting test results.

On-campus quarantine housing is also set aside from the College's general housing and used for resident students who may have been exposed to COVID-19 and/or are a close-contact of an individual who tests positive for the virus.

Data is updated daily to reflect previous day's information.

Students in Off-Campus Isolation and Quarantine Daily Counts

The below graph depicts quarantine and isolation information for campus-going students (commuter students) and is updated daily to reflect the previous day's values. In addition to infections detected as part of the College's ongoing commuter student surveillance testing, commuter students may (and are encouraged to) self-report to Health & Wellness the results of any test they receive on their own during the semester.

Archived Fall 2020 On-Campus Student Isolation and Quarantine Numbers