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How will in-person and online learning be coordinated this fall?

The Provost’s Office will work with faculty to determine the appropriate method of instruction (in-person, remote, hybrid of some in-person learning and some online) for the 2020-21 academic year. Faculty who do not teach in person will be permitted to do so from home, or from their assigned office on campus. Faculty who plan to teach from their campus office or in-person with students must adhere to all health and safety requirements for employees who work on campus. Guidelines regarding health and safety on campus are forthcoming.

Any classes or conference work that begins the semester in-person will convert to 100% online for the weeks following the Thanksgiving holiday.

I am planning on teaching online.  What kind of technology support will the College provide?

Faculty who require technology support to enable distance learning should contact the Provost’s Office. The College has enhanced its offerings for learning platforms and is providing ongoing training for faculty this summer. The College will also provide faculty with loaner laptops and other hardware on a case-by-case basis.

I have underlying health conditions that make me more vulnerable to COVID-19 complications.  What are my options for the fall?

Faculty who are at higher risk for complications due to COVID-19 infection, or who live with someone at greater risk, are encouraged to contact the Provost’s Office and the office of Human Resources to request an accommodation, including the ability to work away from campus this fall.

What types of policies will be in place for faculty who work on campus this fall?

All faculty/staff who work on campus this fall will be required to adhere to policies and procedures in the Faculty/Staff Fall 2020 Return to Campus Guide. These guidelines and policies promote the physical well-being of the entire campus community.

Where can I find the faculty/staff return to work on-campus guide and guide acknowledgement form?

The Return to Campus Guide is available on MySLC. All faculty and staff who are returning to work on campus this fall must submit an acknowledgment of having received and reviewed this guide.