Mediation in Healthcare Program and Curriculum

The next session of the Mediation in Healthcare program will be held for four days in the fall: October 17 & 18 and 24 & 25, 2014. Please click here to find out more information about registration.


This innovative certificate program takes place over four days and is offered in the fall and spring. The training is sanctioned by the Unified Court System Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Court Improvement Programs and is the first step in an optional certification process for Community Dispute Resolution Centers around the State. Following the training, an apprenticeship program will be offered to individuals who wish to take that extra step to become a local certified mediator.

The training addresses the intersection of mediation and health care by teaching the skills needed for effective communication. Experts in health care recognize that communication is often the key to patient safety and improved quality of care.


Day One will focus on the philosophical and psychological underpinnings of mediation, the nature of competitive versus collaborative behavior, and the mediator mindset. We will examine the mediation process, exploring its various stages and the skills necessary to support a productive mediation.

Day Two will focus on skills and exercises, alongside an exploration of the importance of cultural competence and challenges posed by bias. We will provide role plays, so that participants have the opportunity to experience the mediator role from multiple perspectives.

Day Three is designed to integrate the basic mediation skills with conflict situations in the medical field. Participants will be exposed to the breadth of medical mediation disputes and will continue the process of mastering mediation skills through role plays and exercises.

Day Four allows participants to practice and reflect upon the skills learned throughout the training and to debrief with the trainers. We will also review the Model Standards of Practice and discuss issues surrounding ethical dilemmas.

Program Schedule

To view a preliminary agenda for each day of the program, visit the Schedule page.