Workshop and Speakers Bureau

The Child Development Institute’s Workshop and Speakers Bureau takes our work off campus to connect directly with groups committed to facilitating lifelong learning. Our programs take place in venues across the county, state, and country. They are designed for educators, school administrators, child care providers, children’s librarians, parents, community coalitions, organizations serving children and families, and others engaged in the complicated, rewarding process of promoting children’s creativity and healthy development.

We address a wide range of topics and issues around children, childhood, and education, including the importance of play, the diverse foundations of early literacy, the promise of teaching and modeling ethics, and the essential relationship between children and nature. Many programs are designed to explore the developmentally informed, child-centered messages embedded in The Learning Child documentaries.  Showing these films creates an immediate shared experience in the room, which our expert speakers then build on in a facilitated dialogue that explores the substantive topic at hand and encourages meaningful learning, communication, and collaboration. Workshops and presentations focus on reflection, mutual support, and strategies for advancing child-centered practices, as well as on the critical role parents, educators, and other adults can play in the lives of children.

The Workshop and Speakers Bureau is funded in part by the generous support of Abigail Angell Canfield, Carol B. Hillman, John C. and Elizabeth Duncan Jenkins, the Marilyn M. Simpson Charitable Trust, and the Wallace Global Fund.

How to Request a Workshop or Screening

To request a workshop or screening, please complete the form below. To help us coordinate scheduling, please submit your request at least four weeks prior to your proposed event. We will work with you to tailor the program to fit the needs of your community and your audience. To help offset expenses, we ask a modest, sliding-scale fee for our workshops and presentations.

Recent Sessions

To see a list of recent Workshop and Speakers Bureau sessions, visit our Recent Sessions page.