Intermediate Spanish II: Latin America, A Mosaic of Cultures


This course is intended for students who wish to hone their language skills while exploring the rich cultural mosaic of Latin America. Students will continue to develop their speaking, reading, and writing abilities while being exposed to various cultural and literary topics that will be introduced throughout the course. Part of the class will be dedicated to an intense grammar review, while increasing the student’s comprehension through various sources: short stories, poems, novels, films, music lyrics, newspaper articles, etc. For conference, students will have a chance to explore and develop topics related to the Hispanic culture. In order to enrich the student’s exposure to the mosaic of Latin American cultures, we’ll try to take advantage of our local resources such as museums, libraries, and theatre. Students will meet with a language assistant once a week in order to practice their speaking and oral comprehension. Course conducted in Spanish. Spanish placement test is required for students who have not previously taken Spanish at Sarah Lawrence College.