Beginning Spanish


The aim of this course is to enable students without previous knowledge of Spanish to develop the skills necessary to achieve effective levels of communication in the language. From the start, students will be immersed in a monolingual environment. In the regular class meetings, we will actively implement a wide range of techniques aimed at creating an atmosphere of dynamic oral exchange. The acquisition of grammar structures will develop from the exploitation of everyday situations through the incorporation of a wide set of functional/contextual activities. Group conferences will help hone conversational skills and focus on individual needs. Both in class and in conference, we will explore the multiple resources provided by the Internet, retrieving all sorts of textual and visual Spanish-language materials. Later, these will be collectively exploited by the group. The viewing of films, documentaries, and segments of TV series, as well as the reading of blogs and digital publications, will take place outside the seminar meetings, serving as the basis of class discussions and debates. Weekly conversation sessions with the language assistant are an integral part of the course.