Advanced Spanish: Narratives of Love and War in Hispanic Transatlantic Literature


Love and war—like life and death—have been common, mutually interdependent themes across literatures with the (pre)tension of and for universalism. Across the cultural politics of Peninsular and Latin American literary production, however, love and war implied a whole array of vital supplementary topics such as desire, sacrifice, violence, and censorship, among other areas that resist any simple representation. The broad and complex narrative scope of this seminar will present students with the transatlantic Hispanic world across the fullness of literary and visual works by major authors from Spain and the Americas, exploring drama, lyric poetry, short story, novel, video, and film. We will, therefore, emphasize the formal and ideological aspects of these key texts, as well as the linguistic-literary traditions to which they belong (or work against), while improving communication and written skills. Taught entirely in Spanish. Spanish Placement Test required for students who have not taken Spanish at SLC, in addition to an interview with the instructor.