Advanced Italian: Read the Book! See the movie!


This course is intended for students with proficiency in Italian who want to study works of Italian literature in the original, as well as continue their work in the language. The course will study modern Italian novels and the films based on them. We will read the novels as linguistic, literary, and cultural texts and examine the films they inspired as both language and “translation.” The texts and films will be chosen to reflect a range of issues in modern Italian culture: regionalism, Sicily and the mafia, fascism and antifascism, politics and social history. Class work will be supplemented by a grammar review based on analisi logica, using Italian scholastic texts. Conference work may explore Italian literature or Italian film and may also focus on further perfecting language skills. There will be emphasis on writing Italian through the frequent submission of short papers, and weekly conferences with the language assistant will offer additional opportunities to speak Italian. Open to students with advanced proficiency in Italian.