Intermediate French I: Writing the Self: Autobiography, Memoir and “Auto-Fiction” from Rousseau to Ernaux, Section I


This course will offer a systematic review of French grammar and is designed to strengthen and deepen students’ mastery of grammatical structures and vocabulary. Students will develop their analytical and creative writing skills in French through essays and rewrites. We will also be reading autobiographic works (excerpts only) by major French writers from the 1800s through the 2010s and will explore other forms of self-representation in French cinema, painting, and photography. We will discuss, among other topics, the borders between autobiography and memoir and between autobiography and fiction, and students will be invited to submit and discuss their own work (in the form of creative writing workshops). The Intermediate French I and II courses are specially designed to help prepare students for studying in Paris with Sarah Lawrence College during their junior year. Course conducted in French. Admission by placement test to be taken during interview week at the beginning of the fall semester or by completion of Beginning/Advanced Beginning French.