Advanced Beginning French: From Language to Literature


This course is designed for students who have studied some French in the past but wish to review the fundamentals of French language and grammar before venturing into the study of complex literary texts in French. The course will be divided into two parts. The first semester will be exclusively centered on the intense, fast-paced, and thorough revision of the fundamentals of French grammar. Students will be encouraged to write multiple short essays and to participate in oral class activities and will be exposed to various kinds of documents in French (songs, movies, texts, etc.). The second semester of the course will continue this work on French language but with the introduction of literature and literary discussions. Conferences will be individual, allowing students to pursue their interests in any area of French and francophone literatures and cultures. In addition to conferences, a weekly conversation session with a French language assistant(e) is required. Attendance at the weekly French lunch table and French film screenings are both highly encouraged. Students who successfully complete a beginning- and an intermediate-level French course are eligible to study in Paris with Sarah Lawrence College during their junior year. Course conducted in French. Admission by placement test to be taken during interview week at the beginning of the fall semester.