Inequalities and Opportunities in Yonkers: Integrating Theory, Research, Policy, and Practice

This course is part of the Intensive Semester in Yonkers program and is no longer open for interviews and registration; interviews for the program take place in the previous spring semester.

This course will provide an introduction to the methodologies of community-based and participatory action research within the context of a service-learning course. All students will work for 15 hours per week in a community-based organization that addresses issues of inequality. In addition to their work in the community, students will participate in a weekly discussion-based seminar that will include invited guests from various members of the community-based organizations with which we are working, as well as Sarah Lawrence College faculty and staff and other local practitioners, politicians, and educators. Over the course of the semester, we will discuss participatory action and community-based research methods and practice, integrating theory and research, policy and practice, public health and public policy, nongovernmental organizations and private-public partnerships; understanding and addressing environmental inequalities for children and families; and integrating dance and the performing arts in community-based work (with Peggy Gould). Students will also attend monthly group conferences with other students working in their community-based organization and biweekly, one-on-one conference meetings, with associated reading and written work.