Psychology—one of the largest programs at Sarah Lawrence College—offers students a broad array of courses at all levels, covering areas from experimental to social and developmental psychology. In small seminars, students read primary sources and explore issues through discussion and research, often making important connections between psychology and other fields.

Using the College’s resources—including a new Child Study Lab and a computer psychology laboratory—students design and conduct experiments, analyze data, and post results. At the campus Early Childhood Center, students have the opportunity to explore firsthand the development of young children by carrying out fieldwork in classrooms for children ages two through six and/or by carrying out research in the Child Study Lab located in the same building. The lab has a room dedicated to conducting research, complete with one-way mirror and video and audio equipment. An adjacent room provides space and equipment for students to view and transcribe videotapes and to analyze the outcome of their research projects. These facilities provide a range of opportunities for conference work in psychology.

Fieldwork placements with organizations in New York City and Westchester County, as well as in the College’s own Early Childhood Center, expand the opportunities for students to combine their theoretical studies with direct experience beginning in their first year. Sarah Lawrence College prepares students well for graduate programs in psychology, education, or social work; some enter the College’s Art of Teaching program as undergraduates and receive a BA/MSEd after only five years of study.