Visions/Revisions: Issues in Global Women’s History


This seminar surveys path-breaking studies of US, global, and transnational women’s history and related subjects. Course readings, both scholarship and political treatises, exemplify major trends in feminist discourse since the 1960s—from early challenges to androcentric worldviews to the current stress on differences among women. Class discussions range from fundamental questions (e.g., What is feminism? Is “women” a meaningful category?) and newer inquiries (e.g., What is the role of culture on presumed biological gender identity?) to theoretical, interpretive, and methodological debates among women’s historians. The course is designed to help advanced students of women’s history clarify research interests by assessing the work of their predecessors and current scholarship. MA candidates will also use the course to define thesis projects. Open to seniors and graduate students. Undergraduates admitted with special permission when space allows.