The Short Story


What makes a story a story? What are the tools of fiction writers? How does one go from character to scene to story? When does a story make you want to keep reading—beyond its end? And how can we, using these tools, begin to put our own stories on the page? In this workshop, we will explore these questions as we read and write our own fiction, which we will do through regular writing and reading assignments. We’ll explore various forms of the short story, including the “short short,” micro fiction, the frame story, the epistolary story, and others. We will read authors such as Edward P. Jones, Alice Munro, Junot Diaz, and Jamaica Kincaid, always considering craft issues of point of view, character development, setting, and plot. Students will be expected to attend at least two readings on campus, as well as prepare a reading list for conference. We will also work on developing our constructive criticism—which, next to reading, is key to becoming a strong writer.