Fiction Workshop/Creative Bootcamp: No, Really, Where Do Ideas Come From?


It's not a stupid question. We’ll seek to answer it by spending the first third of the semester engaging in writing exercises, thought experiments, intelligence gathering, and craft discussions designed to get your own ideas flowing and provide seeds for the stories that you’ll be writing. The rest of the semester will be devoted to workshopping what you’ve written, with the class coming together to create a constructive community of readers with the kindness, toughness, honesty, and sensitivity that can make a workshop a unique and valuable writing tool. Ambition and risk-taking will be encouraged as we address a slew of other not-stupid questions such as: What makes a plot strong? Does a character have to be likable? How much truth goes into fiction? Outside reading will be designed to take you in and out of your comfort zones, running the gamut from realism to fabulism, and featuring a slew of rule makers and rule breakers for you to admire and inspire, love and loathe—sometimes simultaneously.