Screenwriting: Finishing The First Draft of Your Feature Film


Sometimes writing is fun, and sometimes writing is just hard work. This course builds on the foundation of the fall course, Structuring and Writing the Narrative Feature Film, and will help students face both probabilities by shepherding them through a completed first draft of their feature-length screenplay. Having an entire script in hand provides the reader with a unique overview of a story’s structure and thematic concerns that may get lost in the moment-to-moment writing of the script. Of course, every student will have his or her own writing process; but in this course, we will push each student through to the end. Students will rely heavily on their outlines from first semester (or materials developed in other related courses) in order to form a page budget and writing schedule. Students will also learn revision skills that will help them put their best foot forward in their early drafts. Students will present their pages biweekly to the workshop and hone their editorial skills by giving and receiving helpful critical feedback.