New Media Lab: Remix the City


How do you deal with the city in which you live? What is most visible in your town? What is, by now, barely legible? Or completely erased? What does not exist at all except in your imagination? This class teaches the basics of new media practice while looking at ways that artists respond to and remix the cities in which they live. We’ll survey all kinds of interventions— from guerilla projection to sticker novels and street art—and learn how some of these personal revisions of public space play off theories of architecture, economics, and critical media. Students will work on two small interventions of their own in this course, along with one larger class intervention. Artists referenced include: Martha Rosler, Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Franco and Eva Mattes, Jane and Louise Wilson, Alexander Kluge, Grazia Toderi, Yang Yongliang, and more. Both analog and digital projects are welcome.