Kinetic Sculpture With Arduino

Small seminar, Open—Spring

Sculpture is as much about motion as it is about materials. Whether a piece resists the stressors of its environment or actively responds to them, our relation to three-dimensional artwork depends upon both the implied motion of static forms and their kinetic aspects. In this class, we will utilize circuitry and interactive electronics to create sculptures that move and have the ability to respond to their audience and environment. We will utilize the Arduino microcontroller platform and learn about the basics of motor control, sensors, and programming. Prior programming and electronics experience is not required, but an interest in emerging media tools will be a useful asset. We will study artists working within the field, referencing and building upon existing work in the process of developing our own ideas. Through hands-on prototyping, testing, and finishing, we will grow our skill sets and become increasingly adept at navigating the junction between concept and feasibility.