Introduction to Filmmaking: Where to Put the Camera


Camera placement is one of the film director’s primary responsibilities; but to the beginning filmmaker, that can feel like an arbitrary and daunting task. This course will demystify the filmmaking process by giving students the opportunity to experiment with directing through a series of targeted shooting exercises. Through practice, students will learn how to place the camera to give the greatest impact to their narratives. During this workshop, students will watch and analyze each other’s exercises, learn how to become active film viewers, and give useful critical feedback. For their conference work, students will be required to produce a short narrative film. They will write the screenplay, cast and direct actors, draw floor plans and shot-lists, edit the video on Final Cut Pro, and screen the final product for the class. This class is not a history or theory class but, rather, a hands-on workshop that gives students a taste of all aspects of visual storytelling.