First-Year Studies: Sustainable Content: An Introduction to Media Creation for the Web


This course is designed for students who wish to create fiction films, nonfiction films, and media exclusively for a Web audience. The course largely centers on gaining practical film/media production experience; however, students are encouraged to produce material that builds community and engages its audience beyond a single view. Through storytelling, students explore ways to best utilize democratized and participatory spaces online. Projects may include unique approaches to scripted material, socially relevant short-form documentary, music-inspired visual storytelling, and the like. Students are encouraged to be innovative, provocative, and responsible in their online film- and media-making. In three teams of five, students will work within their crews to produce three pieces of content during the year. Several small exercises accompany the larger projects with components that include research, pitching, and technical proficiency. The year-end final presentation is an opportunity for students to screen their work and present how they plan to reach their target audience(s) and why their chosen platform is the appropriate home in which their media should live.