Filmmaking Structural Analysis


The course explores narrative storytelling forms in contemporary cinema and screenwriting. Geared toward the perspective of the aspiring/emerging screenwriter, filmmaker, and/or media artist, the seminar includes screenings of films and the concurrent reading of source materials and their respective screenplays. Cinema language, dramatic theory, and cinematic story structures will be explored, including sequencing, episodic, three-act, four-act, seven-act, teleplay, and the so-called character-driven forms. Selected texts will be read, and weekly structural analyses will be written. Students will also explore screenwriting exercises throughout the course and investigate the connection between oral storytelling and the nature of narration through the screenplay. Conference projects often focus on the development of a long-form screenplay/teleplay, short-form and Web screenwriting, analytical research paper, or other film-related endeavors. A foundation course for narrative screenwriting, filmmaking, and new media projects, as well as for dramatic analysis, this course develops skills that can be applied to other forms of dramatic writing and storytelling.