Drawing On Sight


Drawing is an exciting art form that encourages experimentation and embraces mistakes; it’s a record, on paper, of how we see and think. This will be a highly creative, rigorous course that will challenge you to think about the medium of drawing in new and transformative ways. In the fall semester, you will learn to use the fundamental tools and techniques of observational drawing to translate onto paper what you see of the visible world through your own unique point of view. Our subjects will include the human body, still life, photographs, spaces, drawings from nature, etc. We will not keep our subjects at a distance but will try to connect with them, move around and through them, and deconstruct them to really SEE what we are drawing from diverse viewpoints. In the spring semester, you’ll apply what you’ve learned in the fall to subjects off campus. Each week, we’ll travel to a different location to draw “on site.” We’ll work in nature—on various locations along the Hudson River—and in museums such as the Metropolitan Museum and Museum of Natural History in New York City, among others. You’ll investigate a wide range of exciting subjects using the tools of drawing. Ultimately, your drawings will reflect how YOU see the world. This course is suitable for all levels. Studio practice will be reinforced through discussion, written work, readings, slides, and museum visits. Visiting artists and studio visits with artists in New York City will be scheduled.