Contemporary Painting


This painting course addresses the relationship of form and content in the expanded field of contemporary painting. A series of open-ended painting assignments will provide parameters within which students can navigate their personal interests, focus criteria, and deepen their technical practices. Projects will include observational and media-based image sourcing, composite spaces, abstraction, collaboration, stylistic homages, and fictional portraiture. Students may work in oil or acrylic; non-conventional material is also welcome. A sketchbook practice is required for collecting source material, developing imagery, research, and class notes. Final conference projects will be grounded in independent research as it relates to the student’s personal sensibility. In addition to studio production, students will investigate the historical and contemporary relevance of their work through readings, slideshows, and presentations. Critical and communication skills related to painting will be developed through critique and group discussions. Visiting artists, workshops, and field trips will be integrated into the course curriculum to enrich the painting process. Open to students who have had painting courses at a college or advanced high-school level.