Collaboration in Audio and Moving-Image Technologies


This team-taught course introduces artistic strategies, narrative structures, and compositional methodologies for the creation of sound and image installations, networked media, and live performance projects. Presentations, reading, and discussion cover the aesthetic theories, technology, and histories that drive these congruent media. Through intensive collaborative workshops, students will experiment with the relationships and potential dialogue between the audience and the artwork and apply their observations by designing and building their own projects. Classes will be organized around hands-on activities, lecture, and technical training. Students use basic building blocks of digital filmmaking, sound and music technologies, and installation art. In addition, the course will cover key genres of sound and installation art that include noise art, sound poetry, serialism, minimalism, site specificity, temporality, process, etc. A major component of the course will be the ongoing analysis and critique of student work. Students should be prepared to give and receive constructive criticism on their work and the work of professional artists presented. Permission of the instructor is required.