Architecture Studio II: Architectural Design

Sophomore and above—Spring

Building on themes examined in Architecture Studio I: Urban Design, this studio will focus on a particular design problem to be investigated at the scale of architectural construction. The semester will build on a series of progressively more complex exercises, increasing in scale and scope to arrive at a final project that brings together concept, program, formal invention, and performative experience. The project site and program will relate directly to investigations carried out in the Urban Design Studio and challenges identified there, scales complementing each other to inspire discovery. We will work in collaboration with local partners, including the Sarah Lawrence Center for Urban Rivers at Beczak and the Bronx River Alliance, among others. Students will use diagramming, physical model-building and 3D digital modeling, rendering, and animation to create design proposals. Completion of Architecture Studio I is highly recommended. Rhino Workshop II must be taken concurrently with this course or prior to it. Knowledge of Adobe Suite programs is recommended.