Architecture Studio I: Urban Design

Sophomore and above—Fall

The Urban Design Studio examines the contemporary city to reveal its hidden layers of social and spatial networks. Our goal is to develop strategies in which urban design can inspire keener sensibility toward social and environmental responsibilities of the city for both interaction and social action. We will investigate how nature can transcend preconceived social and political boundaries to link neighborhoods and create new centers of engagement. Using New York City and its immediate environs as a case study, students will envision new connections and opportunities forged along the city’s urban waterways and industrial corridors. We will work in collaboration with local partners, including the Sarah Lawrence Center for Urban Rivers at Beczak and the Bronx River Alliance, among others. Class will balance collective work and individual exploration. Students will use mapping, physical model-building, and 3D digital modeling to document findings and create design proposals. Emphasis will be made on how to couple formal invention at a neighborhood scale with an exacting conceptual framework amid heterogeneous collaboration. Rhino Workshop I must be taken concurrently with this course or prior to it. Knowledge of Adobe Suite programs is recommended.