FORENSICS Actor and Director Lab


This class is an approach to performance and production that puts shared emphasis upon the text and the context in which a play was written. In the first semester, students will read, analyze, and study a wide variety of plays from a cross-section of periods and styles. Class work will include scene study, as well as discussion of the plays and playwrights and the time periods that gave them shape and resonance. To that end, students—as a group—will read and work on at least one given play per week. In the second semester, emphasis will be placed on performance, leading to the production of short plays to be presented as part of the theatre program’s spring season. Material presented in that production will be culled from the plays, playwrights, or genres studied in the first semester. Discussion in the second semester will include a far-reaching overview of the production process, from the selection of play and cast to the technical requirements of production and the vocabulary necessary to communicate with designers in production meetings. Over the course of the full year, students will be expected to both act and direct. Open to graduate and advance undergraduate students interested in both acting and directing. This class meets twice a week.