Acting Techniques


This is an acting techniques class: foundational, process-based work to empower the actor in any theatrical environment. The first semester focuses on the voice and body and the development of a “toolbox” of acting techniques. The second semester focuses on applying those “tools” to language and text while integrating the voice and body work through scene work. The goal is for students to leave the class with all of the basic tools that they need to act; to have a growing awareness of their body, voice, and physical habits in order that they may consciously use them in the development of character; and to begin to develop their own process of working, start to finish, with an arsenal of tools and techniques to use when needed. We explore the Alexander Technique, character work, sense memory work, viewpoints, animal work, voice and speech work, script analysis, text analysis, Lecoq exercises, and much more. This class meets twice a week.