First-Year Studies in Music


Each student in First-Year Studies in Music will be enrolled in a full music program (also called a Music Third) that reflects Sarah Lawrence’s educational philosophy of closely integrating theory and practice in the study of music. In addition, all students in this course will be members of a weekly seminar, which provides a forum to explore a broad range of musical topics in both artistic and critical ways. Throughout the year, we will attend numerous performances on campus, as well as in New York City—for instance, at the Metropolitan Opera, Carnegie Hall, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music. We will start with live musical experiences in order to generate our investigations. The seminar will also feature frequent in-class performances by guest artists, class members, and the instructor. The music that we study in class will range from the early 16th century to the early 21st. Our emphasis will be on Western classical music and will occasionally include jazz, non-Western, and popular music traditions, as well. In order to develop and improve their insights and their ability to share them with others, students will write regular response papers and give short presentations. In the spring, they will also undertake a larger research project. First-Year Studies in Music is designed for students with all levels of prior music experience, from beginning to advanced.