“Why I Give” Wednesday: Myra Drucker ’68

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"My professors treated me with respect. They treated me as a fellow intellectual. That instilled a sense of self-confidence that served me well as I moved out into the real world."

"My education was intense, enlightening, and transformational. I loved my courses, but what I studied ended up having very little to do with my career—though the way in which I studied had everything to do with my later success. I never took a math course, but I made a long and successful career in the investment business. Sarah Lawrence enabled me to do that. I learned how to teach myself something and how to work with mentors to learn something very new and very different."

"I stay involved because I really believe that Sarah Lawrence continues to do today for its students what it did for me—give me the tools to teach myself to explore new fields, learn new things, and be creative in my work. As I look at what we need in the world now, it's people who can really think, learn, and stretch themselves. Those are precisely the attributes Sarah Lawrence helps foster in its students."

"Those of us who have had the privilege of such a transformational education have a responsibility to the next generation to continue to make the opportunities Sarah Lawrence affords available."