Advanced Program (Full Year)

Students performing in Elektra, Fall 2007The Advanced London Theatre Program is offered to students who have completed BADA's London Theatre program in the Fall. Students who have attended other theatre conservatory training programs in London during the Fall semester may apply for admission after a successful audition.

This program gives students a unique opportunity to build on the training in Classical Theatre that they have already received. Classes will continue on a more advanced level and students will have the opportunity to perform in two productions in the Spring, a modern as well as a classical play. Students will also explore the techniques required for acting on screen in Acting for Film. At the end of the term, each student will receive an edited video of his or her performance on film.

Advanced Shakespeare (2 credits)

This course enables students who have mastered the basic requirements of Shakespearean performance to tackle more advanced issues presented by this work.

Advanced Criticism (1 credit)

This course includes regular visits to the London Theatre. Plays are discussed with a leading theatre critic and students must submit critiques of the productions they have seen. Particular attention is given to the way in which criticism is written and structured.

Advanced Theatre History (2 credits)

This course pays particular attention to the development of British and European drama in the 20th century. Particular attention is paid to the work of British playwrights such as Osborne, Pinter and Churchill. The works of European dramatists such as Beckett, Brecht, Lorca and Pirandello will also be explored.

Advanced Stage-Fighting (1 credit)

Students will continue to develop their skills in scene work.

Advanced Voice (1 credit)

Students performing in The Tempest, Fall 2007This course builds on previous training and develops links between technique and interpretation in preparation for the semester's productions.

Advanced Movement (1 credit)

Students will discover how text can affect individual body mechanics and influence the physical choices that are available.

Acting for Film (2 credits)

This course includes on camera classes that show the variations that must be made when acting on screen versus stage. At the end of the course students are given a professionally edited video of their on-screen scenes.

Modern Workshop Production (2 credits)

Students rehearse and perform a workshop production of a 20th century play in collaboration with a Director and Designer/Stage Manager. Students are encouraged to contribute to the project in the areas of direction, design, choreography, etc. The production is presented in a found space. Recent productions have included plays by Sartre, Beckett and Chekhov at Cecil Sharp House and a promenade performance in BADA's premises.

Acting in Performance, Classical (3 credits)

The second production is of a major classical work and serves as the finale to the program. Both productions are directed by leading British directors and performed in a London theatre.

On London

"I think that the full year option is the best for study at BADA; by the time you return you have a firm grip on how things operate at the school and on the London scene. Also, the study becomes more in-depth after the fall term with more advanced study of voice, Shakespeare and stage combat for which students may test for certification. An added benefit is Acting for Screen where students get to see themselves on video and evaluate their performances."
— Past London program participant