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Woodard, Komozi Recent panels and publications Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1995 43
Woodard, Komozi Recipient of Alan Nevins Award Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1995 13
Woodard, Komozi Participant in round table of faculty on activism (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 1996 8-12
Woodard, Komozi Recipient of Hewlett-Mellon Grant Sarah Lawrence Winter 1996 25
Woodard, Komozi Recent lectures and upcoming publications Sarah Lawrence Summer 1997 25
Woodard, Komozi Recent presentation Sarah Lawrence Summer 1998 27
Woodard, Komozi Recent publication Sarah Lawrence Spring 1999 21
Woodard, Komozi Recent publications and lectures Sarah Lawrence Spring 2001 23
Woodard, Komozi Recent publications Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2003 39
Woodard, Komozi Article on the philosophy of the seminar at SLC (The Seminar Journey) (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring 2004 25
Woodard, Komozi Lecture on "Days of Shame" for a post-Hurricane Katrina faculty panel Sarah Lawrence Winter 2006 11-12
Woodard, Komozi Organized symposium on "Rethinking the Racial Politics of the New Deal: Citizenship, Public Policy, and Social Welfare" with Jeanne Theoharis Sarah Lawrence Fall 2007 5
Woodard, Komozi Organized cross-disciplinary symposium about Hurricane Katrina Sarah Lawrence Spring 2007 5
Woodard, Komozi Recent presentations Sarah Lawrence Spring 2008 35
Woodard, Komozi Faculty profile (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall 2010 8
Woodard, Komozi Recent publication Sarah Lawrence Spring 2010 15
Woodard, Komozi Recent lectures and panel discussions Sarah Lawrence Fall 2011 15