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Wentworth, Jean Perform at The Sarah Lawrence Festival of Art and Music Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 33 # 2 Winter 1968 20
Wentworth, Jean Gift to the library Sarah Lawrence Bulletin May 1976 12
Wentworth, Jean Piano performance with Kenneth Wentworth Sarah Lawrence Bulletin September 1976 7
Wentworth, Jean Teaches short course Sarah Lawrence Bulletin January 1977 7
Wentworth, Jean Gift to the Library Sarah Lawrence Bulletin January 1982 17
Wentworth, Jean Recent projects Sarah Lawrence Bulletin January 1982 18
Wentworth, Jean Guest auctioneer for student auction Sarah Lawrence Spring 1984 8
Wentworth, Jean Recent recording Sarah Lawrence Summer 1985 19
Wentworth, Jean Recent recordings with husband, Kenneth Sarah Lawrence Winter 1985 21
Wentworth, Jean Performance during Summer Evenings Sarah Lawrence Summer 1986 33
Wentworth, Jean Performance during the Chamber Music Festival (photo) Sarah Lawrence Winter 1986 33
Wentworth, Jean With Alice Ilchman at the Fulbright Awards Dinner (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 1996 22