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Wachs, Ilja Participated in student-faculty ball game (photo) Sarah Lawrence Bulletin Vol. 1 # 1 October 1971 5
Wachs, Ilja Included on board for new college press Sarah Lawrence Bulletin Vol. 4 # 1 January 1975 5
Wachs, Ilja Co-taught seminar for alumnae/i with Margery B. Franklin Sarah Lawrence Bulletin January 1979 11
Wachs, Ilja Co-teaching "The English and Russian Novel" with Francis B. Randall Sarah Lawrence Bulletin November 1979 3
Wachs, Ilja Appointed Dean of the College; his plans for the College (photo) Sarah Lawrence Bulletin September 1980 1
Wachs, Ilja Excerpt from his convocation address Sarah Lawrence Bulletin March 1981 6
Wachs, Ilja Comments on the donning system Sarah Lawrence Bulletin March 1981 2
Wachs, Ilja Participant in the Sarah Lawrence Forum Sarah Lawrence Bulletin January 1982 16
Wachs, Ilja Participant in panel discussion, "Public Purposes of Private Colleges" (photo) Sarah Lawrence Bulletin January 1982 13
Wachs, Ilja Speaker at first Helen Merrell Lynd Colloquium Sarah Lawrence Bulletin Spring 1983 7
Wachs, Ilja Reception for alumnae/i in Chicago Sarah Lawrence Spring 1984 21
Wachs, Ilja Resigning as Dean of the College (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 1985 22
Wachs, Ilja Excerpt from address to parents on Parents Day (photo) Sarah Lawrence Winter 1985 5
Wachs, Ilja Participant in panel discussion on "Deconstruction" in literary criticism Sarah Lawrence Summer 1986 32
Wachs, Ilja Offered seminar during Alumnae/i College on "Charles Dickens: Cultural Radical or Conservative" Sarah Lawrence Summer 1986 34
Wachs, Ilja Recipient of Bank of New York Teaching Excellence Award (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1995 12-13
Wachs, Ilja At Reunion (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall 1996 29
Wachs, Ilja New Faculty Trustee (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall 1996 17
Wachs, Ilja Interview with, Rereading Great Books, with Celia Regan (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 1997 10-11
Wachs, Ilja Discussion on David Copperfield for Washington D.C. area alumnae/i Sarah Lawrence Winter 1997 29
Wachs, Ilja Participation in the new Faculty on the Road Program (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 1998 28
Wachs, Ilja Establishment of the Ilja Wachs Chair for Excellence in Teaching and Donning (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring 1999 18
Wachs, Ilja At Faculty on the Road seminar (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring 1999 14
Wachs, Ilja Honored at Trustee meeting for retirement as Faculty Trustee Sarah Lawrence Fall 2000 3
Wachs, Ilja Lecture on Nikolay Gogol in Chicago (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 2003 34
Wachs, Ilja Quote on conferences Sarah Lawrence Spring 2004 26
Wachs, Ilja Featured in Article by Sarah Kaufmann on his teaching (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring 2005 30-31
Wachs, Ilja (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring 2007 back cover
Wachs, Ilja Profile on his office in Andrews House (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall 2010 12