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Study Abroad Foreign Study Year Alumnae/i Magazine 1938 6
Study Abroad Article on a student's experience in summer school in Oxford Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 13 # 1 Fall 1947 9-11
Study Abroad Sarah Lawrence Abroad Program - France Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 19 # 1 Fall 1953 3
Study Abroad Paris Office - opening of Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 19 # 3 Summer 1954 6
Study Abroad Article re year abroad in Paris Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 27 # 3 Spring 1962 7-12
Study Abroad Nina Lapsley's experiences abroad in India Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 28 # 2 Winter 1963 13-14, 20
Study Abroad Article about two students who spent year abroad in Africa Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 31 # 2 Winter 1966 15
Study Abroad Article on the London and Florence programs Sarah Lawrence Bulletin March 1981 3
Study Abroad John D. Butler's review of the Paris program Sarah Lawrence Bulletin April 1982 14
Study Abroad Inauguration of the Oxford Program Sarah Lawrence Spring 1984 7
Study Abroad Update on the SLC at Oxford program Sarah Lawrence Summer 1986 24
Study Abroad Article on Karen Buetens' year abroad in the Oxford program (photos) Sarah Lawrence Winter 1986 10-11
Study Abroad Florence program started Sarah Lawrence Winter 1987 32
Study Abroad Article on the Florence study abroad program and the weekend trips (photos) Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1988 29
Study Abroad London Theatre Program Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1988 26-27
Study Abroad Laura Hammond comments on her study abroad experience in Oxford (photos) Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1989 18-19
Study Abroad Discussion of programs in the President's Report, 1981-1991 Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1991 7
Study Abroad Increases in opportunities and updates Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1995 16-18
Study Abroad Cuba Program Sarah Lawrence Spring 2000 2-3
Study Abroad Spring Break in Cuba for students of Dean Hubbard's class on Labor Law (photos) Sarah Lawrence Summer 2003 7
Study Abroad Article about the Cuba Study Abroad program Sarah Lawrence Spring 2004 15-17
Study Abroad Photo from Paris program in 1962 Sarah Lawrence Spring 2004 10
Study Abroad Photo from Florence program in 1996 Sarah Lawrence Spring 2004 10
Study Abroad Photo from Cuba program in 2003 Sarah Lawrence Spring 2004 10
Study Abroad Opportunities for the year Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2005 8
Study Abroad Joshua Muldavin leads three students to China to study Himalayan settlements and the environment Sarah Lawrence Winter 2006 7